Inline Macerator

Inline macerator reduces solids and fibers in pumped products. Macerator design is described below:

1   -      geared motor;
2   -     screen and knife
3   -      housing
4   -      heavy material removal outlet

Product features:
- Has an integrated heavy materials separator
- Maceration could be controlled by the different screens free passages
- Easy to replace screen and knife 
- Installed power varies from 2.2 to 5.5 kW
- Flow  rate is in range: 2m3/h – 50m3/h, depending on solids content and input fibers size.

See below the photo of the substrate before and after processing by the macerator

Let's summarize. What do the macerator do?
- Decreases the substrate viscosity and energy consumption for mixing & pumping;
- Protects the downstream equipment from clogging;
- Separates heavy solids  (stones, metals, etc.);
- Prepares substrate for the main processing by the Feedstock Pretreatment Module

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