14th June 2021
Installation of WiseSoil pretreatment system on a biogas plant in Germany (Bayern Region)
13 October 2020
Pilot installation of WiseSoil biomass pretreatment system on the biogas plant in Germany (Lower Saxony Region)
12-13th June 2019
WiseSoil takes part in an Expobiogaz: the leading event in France dedicated to renewable gas. Expobiogaz allows to discover a full range of renewable gas production solutions and value channels:
17th April 2019
WiseSoil CEO, along with the Ikea, L'oreal and RZD managers, was invited to take part in a panel discussion during the conference Green Energy, hosted by RBC. Panel is devoted to the Sustainable development on the and best practics showcases.
20 February 2019
First of the new model macerators (Macerator WS 2.2) is shipped to the customer in Netherlands.
4th December 2018
WiseSoil is chosen to be one of the heroes of the Solutions&Co event, arranged by the Sparknews. During the event articles about the company, along with the number of other hand-picked innovative solutions helping switch to a low-carbon economy are published in Kommersant, Yicai Global (China), Il Sole/24 Ore (Italy), El Economista (Mexico), Valor Economico (Brazil), The Hindy (India).
13-16th November 2018

WiseSoil takes part in the EnergyDecentral (Hannover, Germany). EnergyDecentral is the world's leading trade fair, devoted for the decentralized energy supply. Please come visit us at the booth F15 in the hall 25 of Hannover Messe! Here you'll also see the first farm-scale macerator WS 2.2.

1st October 2018

Production of new model of inline macerator is succesfully launched! This smal-scale macerator is intended for the farm based biogas plants, and can be used as a basic device for substrate pretreatment. Also it can be used as the first step in the substrate pretreatment line for the protection of the downstream equipment.

15th August 2018

New experiment is successfully carriend. Regular grass is successfully macerated and subsequently processed by the biomass pretreatment module. Detailed digestion report of grass before and after pretreatment is available on demand.

11-12th July 2018

WiseSoil takes part in an UK AD and World Biogas Expo in Birmingham, UK - the largest international trade show dedicated solely to the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry.

15th May 2018

WIseSoil launched the new product: macerator for preliminary reduction of solids and fibers in a pumped products, and downstream quipment protection. More info about the macerator can be found here.

25-31st March 2018
WiseSoil CEO took part in an individual acceleration program in Lithuania, organized by the  Contarian Ventures, Vilnius Tech Park and Startup Lithuania. As a result, Lithuanian subsidiary to be established.
18th Jnuary 2018
First customer in Kazakhstan! A new system, consisting of macerator, progressive cavity pump, and biomass pretreatment module, was delivered to Kazakhstan-based customer. System is intended for pretreatment of a substrate on a farm-scaled biogas plant. More info about other references is available here.
21st December 2017
The largest German Newspaper Bild (22 millions of readers pr month) has published the article about WiseSoil and its team. Article followed the Kristina Wienand's interview with the WiseSoil CEO Aleksandr and can be found on the Bild website.
16th December 2017
WiseSoil took part in a finals of a "startup of the year" contest, that was held in Minsk, Belarus. WiseSoil won the energy track and get an opportunity to take part in a busness mission in Lithuania, organized by Contarian Ventures, Vilnius Tech Park and Startup Lithuania.
14-20 October 2017
WiseSoil took part in a Startup!Germany business tour, that was held in 14-20 October 2017 in a three different German regions: Berlin, Hamburg, Ruhr area. Connections with the major German companies, working in a field of renevable energy, are established.
26-27 October 2017
WiseSoil is selected as a finalist  of Hello Tommorow Challenge in an environment track. Hello Tommorow challenge is a part of Hello Tomorrow Summit, devoted to the deep-tech  entrepreneurs across several different industries and technologies.

Video of the WiseSoil CEO pitch is available here.
4th October 2017
WiseSoil took part in the Golden Autumn - one of the biggest agricultural conferences and trade shows in Russia. WiseSoil was selected to present at the investors club "Vector towards the russian Agro-Tech'', organized by the ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, KPMG, and Skolkovo foundation. 
25th August 2017
WiseSoil biomass pretreatment module is sent in Korea to be installed on a watewater treatment biogas plant. Substrate is a wastewater with 5% TS content.
23 July 2017
New patent application is filed and accepted for consideration by the Russian patent office. Current status of the patent portfolio: 8 objects of intellectual property, including patents and patent applications in different countries. 
15th May 2017
Mr. Hunhoi Jung, a head of the ATE corporation, visited WiseSoil' office and lab facility in Ekaterinburg. As a result of the visit, first agreement between our companies is signed, and this is only the first step towards long-term cooperation.
19th June 2017
WiseSoil as one of the world's top-30 newenergy stratups, is invited to take part in a World Scientific and Engineering Congress. Congress is held in Astana, Kazakhstan, as a part of EXPO-2017.
6th June 2017
WiseSoil was invited to pitch in the finals of StartupVillage -  the largest startup conference in Russia & CIS for technology entrepreneurs. 
10th May 2017
Project with Gildiya M in Smolensk region (Russia) was launched successfully. After pretreatment flax straw is used as a substrate for the digester.
10th April 2017
It was a privilege for our company to speak at the Biomass Conference in Minneapolis and to be a part of a panel, devoted to the innovative best practices in biogas field.
13th February 2017
Project in Kitee (Finland) is successfully finished. Average biogas yield improvement reached 13,5% with the constant methane content. 
15th November 2016
Bioenergy LLC presents WiseSoil solutions at the Energy Decentral exhibition in Hannover Messe! Please stop by our booth in hall 25!
27th October 2016
WiseSoil was selected as a Top 30 Global startups out of 100 finalists by an international jury of energy investors and experts at the NEW ENERGY event in Astana.

As one of the Top 30 Startups, WiseSoil was awarded an official participant status at EXPO 2017 -Future Energy- Astana – the first Expo, focused on Energy.
17th August 2016
WiseSoil is mentioned among three coolest eco-friendly startups of 2016 by Industry Leaders Magazine!
11-14th April 2016
Charlotte, NC, USA. Bioenergy LLC became the only Russia-based company, participated in International Biomass Conference & Expo. That yielded in new contacts, as well as cutting-edge information about worldwide best practices and trends in biomass conversion.
12th March 2016
Moscow, Russia. WiseSoil won Pioneers Moscow Pitch Challenge — a competition hosted by Pioneers Festival to discover the best budding tech companies. More details here.
21st January 2016
Ekaterinburg, Russia. Lab-scale biogas facility, designed and produced by Bioenergy LLC, is put into operation.
30th December 2015
Kitee, Finland. Bioenergy LLC team visited biogas plant, operated by Bio10 and situated in Kitee. Negotiations about WiseSoil biomass pretreatment module pilots finished succesfully: pilots launch in pre-scheduled on the spring 2016. More details about pilot — to come.
25th December 2015
Moscow, Russia. WiseSoil was named the winner of ArgoBioTechnology contest, hosted by Skolkovo. More details here.
10-12 November 2015
Helsinki, Finland. WiseSoil (a.k.a. Bioenergy LLC) passed selection at Slush 100! Slush 100 is a pitching competition which presents one hundred of the best seed-stage companies from all across the world, selected by the European investment professionals. Video of 3-min pitch is available here.
First to fifth November 2015
Kirov. We successfully carried on pilots of our brand new WiseSoil module on biogas plant! Exact numbers of biogas yield improvement are to come later.
September 1 2015
WiseSoil team visited biogas facility in Racineves, Czech republic. Prospects of cooperation were fruitfully discussed. July 10 2015 Bioenergy LLC, owning the rights for WiseSoil technology, became the resident of an Energy cluster of Skolkovo innovation center. More details can be found on Skolkovo website.
March 23 2015
Sacramento, USA. WiseSoil team visited High Solid Anaerobic Digestion facility, designed, built and operated by Cleanworld LLC. Cleanworld provides solutions for organic waste management. Josh, thank you for warm reception!
March 16-18 2015
San Francisco, USA. WiseSoil took part in CleantechForum. It was a great chance to chat personally with cleantech sphere decision makers.
12-13 November 2014
San Francisco, USA. WiseSoil took part in CleantechOpen Global forum as US southeast region semifinalist and as Global Ideas competition participant, simultaneously.
27-28 October 2014
Lahti, Finland. WiseSoil participated in a CleantechVentureDay among top european cleantech companies.
15 October 2014
Moscow, Russia. WiseSoil got special prize in the Cleantech track of GenerationS final — the biggest startup contest in Russia.
25 September 2014
Orenburg, Russia. WiseSoil unit first trials on biogas plant are held successfully!
05 June 2014
Lappeenranta, Finland. WiseSoil won an inernational Green Innovation Competition. It was a hot week, but results worth it! Recording of the pitching session can be found here
02 June 2014
Moscow. WiseSoil participated in pitch-sessions during the StartupVillage event in Skolkovo and was chosen among the CleanTechRussia finalists!
31 may 2014
Moscow. WiseSoil is assigned the highest rating ( AAA) according to the Russian Startup Rating methodology. Russian Startup Rating uses the level of development to identify investment appeal and help describe and structure the market for such companies.
19 may 2014
Lappeenranta. WiseSoil was chosen among the finalists of the Green Innovation Competition.
13 april 2014
Ekaterinburg. Meeting with the heads of the leading European companies in the field of waste management: Martin Mruzek, AgriKomp co-founder, and Josef Fojtik, Dufonev head and founder
10 december 2013
Moscow. WiseSoil was chosen among TOP-50 Russian Startups according to the Russian Startup Rating
5 december 2013
Moscow. WiseSoil took part in the First Moscow Corporate Venture Summit
20 november 2013
San Jose. We took part in CleanTechOpen Global Forum
1 november 2013
Moscow. We got 3 special prizes in Generation S contest finals
1 november 2013
Moscow. WiseSoil participated in Open Innovations Forum and Expo
22 october 2013
WiseSoil was naimed among the BIT-2013 finalists
11 october 2013
We took part in CleanTechOpen Southeast Regional Finals and Gala
5 june 2013
WiseSoil was chosen among the CleanTechOpen semifinalists

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