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Bioenergy LLC improves efficiency of the biogas plants through innovative repowering technology. Our first  innovation is the WiseSoil Pretreatment Module for speeding-up digestion process, reducing feedstock consumption and improving the biogas yield. Pretreatment module could be accompanied with WiseSoil  Macerator, that chops the long fibers, removes the stones and protects the downstream equipment.   To handle wet digestate we developed the  WiseSoil Dewatering System. It  produces dry fertilizer and safe to discharge water instead of wet digestion products.

Biomass pretreatment module
is a plug & play additive to anaerobic digestion biogas plants. Module facilitates organic waste processing, and simultaneously improves digestion speed, plant throughput and biogas yield.
Here you can see how feedstock looks like before and after treatment, provided consistently by the  macerator and a pretreatment module:

Energy consumption for that treatment is only 2kwh per m3 of substrate.
What are the results of this treatment?
- the production of biogas is increased by 10-30% depending on the substrate
- retention time is reduced by 20-40%
- substrate consumption is reduced by 10-30%
- substate viscosity & energy consumption for mixing and agitating is reduced.

See how biogas yield from the substrate, consisting of the mixture of straw, maize and manure, is improved after the treatment by the WiseSoil module:

Learn more about pretreatment module here.

Batch biomass pretreatment module with 50 m3/day throughput
Flow-through biomass pretreatment module on biogas plant in Finland
Biomass pretreatment module on biogas plant in Czech Republic

WiseSoil effluent dewatering system increases efficiency of biogas plants by producing clean water and dry fertilizer instead of wet digestion products. This enables owners and operators of existing biogas facilities to avoid paying waste recycling fees, eliminate stocking expenses for wet fertilizer and obtain safe to discharge water. Learn more about dewatering system here.

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The research is carried out by the Bioenergy LLC with grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation.

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