Bioenergy LLC is developing a set of solutions that make organic waste recycling profitable. WiseSoil pretreatment module is our key solution. Company story goes back to 2014, and just in two years our team turned concept into an industrial-scale solution for biogas plants and wastewater treatment facilities.

Bioenergy LLC is headquartered in Russia with offices in the UK, US and a representative in Czech Republic.

The people behind WiseSoil are an international team of 10 top-ranked interdisciplinary engineers and scientists as well as professionals in finance, business development and marketing. Key team members are:


Alex Smotritskiy
CEO, Ph.D, IPMA certified project manager
Experience of leading of scientific and innovation projects, supported by CRDF (U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation), Russian Academy of Sciences. He has project management experience in an award-winning   system of oils and fuels quality monitoring, system for monitoring of chemical reaction under technological conditions.
Tatiana Smotritskaya
Business developer and sales representative in US
Experience in innovation project management, team coordination, customers & partners
negotiation. Beyond this, Tatiana has experience in CAD design and project management in various
construction projects.
Andrei Smotritskiy
Master of science, Chief Engineer
Leader of several technological innovation projects for the Tyumen battery factory,
COMECON, Holding Yunona. For several years worked as principal at satellite communication department of
Russian Satellite Communications Company. Organized and managed construction, start-up operations and work
activities of the land satellite communication system.
Nikolai Finsov
Microbiologist, Ph.D.
40+ years of research activity. Succesfully launched two biotechnological facilities.

Advisory board

Randy Taylor, General Mentor. Randy has over 25 of years of experience in Business Development, Marketing & General Management in both startups and large companies. He has a deep understanding of bioenergy, startup ecosystem and the issues involved in its practical implementation.

Ryan Adolphson Bioenergy mentor. Associate Director, Bioenergy Systems Research Institute, The University of Georgia. Ryan has vast experience in alternative energy, fuel, and materials production through the use of biomass conversion strategies that are environmentally and economically sustainable.

Vahagen Khodaverdian Financial mentor. Managing Director, H&C, Inc. Vahagen has closed several multi-million dollar transactions and has been very active in the financial markets for over a decade. With an international focus on finance and M&A, Mr. Khodaverdian is keenly aware of fluctuations and risks involved in commodities trading, and stock/bond swaps.

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