We invite biogas plant owners, suppliers and distributors for partnership! Existing references:

Western Plains Energy LLC (USA)
WiseSoil biomass pretreatment module wa installed on biorefinery for processing corn grain with 33% TS content.WPE LLC

ATE Corporation (Korea)
WiseSoil biomass pretreatment module was installed on a watewater treatment  biogas plant. Substrate is a wastewater with 5% TS content.

Shear Energy ltd. (UK)
WiseSoil biomass pretreatment module was installed on a 165Kw anaerobic digester which uses 10 tonnes of
wholecrop rye silage per day. 

How could we start etablishing our partnerhip? If you are supplier of the biogas plants and equipment? You will get:

an opportunity to increase your market share with WiseSoil systems additional value compared to convenient organic waste treatment technologies.

WiseSoil enables suppliers of existing AD facilities to:

Are you the owner of the biogas plant?

WiseSoil enables owners and operators of existing anaerobic digestion organic waste processing plants to:


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